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Traci Davis stands in doorway of her Levin Bowen Therapy Practice, arms folded, beaming with kindness

Balance the Body & Mind with Bowen

Bowen therapy is a gentle form of body work that calms the nervous system, enabling the body to heal itself. It’s that simple !


Specific moves are made over certain pressure points in the body releasing tension you are holding on to and enabling the healing energy to flow more freely.


Your body does the work, I just facilitate the moves that aide healing.


Bowen enables the nervous system to calm down.

There is no “ magic pill” most illness comes from stress in or on the body.


Bowen commonly involves the connective tissue, muscles, tendons, and joints. It is a holistic practise addressing the body as a whole.


Much of life cannot be explained, only experienced.

Now imagine lying in a safe, calm, accepting space - taking a deep breath in and out. Taking some time for yourself. Feeling listened too. Feeling heard.      

Can you remember who you are?                                                                   

Before you became everyone else’s everything?


Much of life cannot be explained, only experienced.

"Fantastic results. When I first went to see Traci I had been suffering for 3 months and relying on daily pain medication. Bowen with Traci has helped me hugely!" Sarah


I went to see Traci for Bowen Therapy after suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain.After having 3 sessions I am almost pain free.
I fully recommend Bowen Treatment.

- Al


"I've had back pain since having my children. It's gotten to a point where I was completely debilitated and afraid to do anything that could put my back out again.

Since seeing Traci for Bowen Therapy I haven't needed to see the chiropractor at all. I've got my mobility and my life back."

- Chontelle

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