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The Bowen Technique 

Bowen Therapy, offers a gentle approach to bodywork with the goal of enhancing relaxation, balance, and overall wellness.

Originating from the work of Tom Bowen, an Australian practitioner who developed the technique based on his deep understanding of the human muscular structure, it has gained recognition for its effectiveness in addressing various issues, particularly musculoskeletal discomfort and pain.

Bowen Therapy Explained

What May Bowen be suitable for ?

  • Back pain 

  • Sciatica​ 

  • Neck & shoulder pain 

  • Carpel tunnel & tennis elbow 

  • Muscular and skeletal pain 

  • Knee, ankle and foot problems such as plantar fascia 

  • Headaches and migraines 

  • Tinnitus and meniere's 

  • Sinus and hayfever 

  • Asthma and respiratory problems

  • Digestive conditions and bowel problems 

  • Sleep issues 

  • Stress management 

  • Menstrual and Menopause issues such as hot flushes 

  • Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

  • Bedwetting 

  • Restlessness and colic in babies

What To Expect During a Bowen Session

Below is a run down of what you can expect when you come to see me, for a Bowen session.

If this is the first time you'll be seeing me or if I haven’t seen you in a year or two, I'll send out a patient intake form via email for you to fill in prior to your appointment.

I do ask a lot of questions on this form as with Bowen we are treating the whole body and looking at the body from a holistic perspective. We are not separate parts we are a whole and as such our body functions in harmony.

  • Upon arrival at my clinic, I will greet you in the reception area, if I have a client with me take a seat and relax.

  • Please wear baggy clothes, not close-fitting jeans or skins as I will be working on the fascia of the body, tight-fitting clothes are restrictive.

  • The fascia works best when hydrated, to be honest, your whole body works best when hydrated, so please have a glass of water before your appointment.

  • We will have a chat when you arrive and if this is your first appointment I will go through the patient intake form with you, and depending on the presenting condition I may do an assessment. This involves certain movements standing and lying to see the general range of movement and level of pain.

  • We will discuss a plan of action and then we will get into the Bowen session.

  • I will get you to take off glasses, belts and any jewellery that may hinder any movements.

  • Also, I will ask you to turn your phone off, or better still leave it in the car.

  • This is your time and you are worth having uninterrupted time.

  • There will be music playing please let me know if you find this distracting.

  • You will lie on the table, and be fully clothed.

  • The Bowen session can last from  about 25 - 60 minutes. Though closer to 60 minutes is more common.

  • If you are new to Bowen you will notice that I perform a few gentle moves and then pop out of the room for a couple of minutes. The rests in Bowen are very important as they signal your body to relax and encourage energy to flow.              A simple analogy for this would be similar to plucking the string of a guitar, the note resonates off of the guitar and if I put my finger on the cord it would stop the vibration. This is similar to the Bowen move, when putting in a challenge and move, this signals the energy flow in the body.

  • You may hear a chime this is just a gentle reminder the session is almost finished. There are then 5 minutes of relaxation at the end of the session to ease you back into your day.

  • If necessary we can book the next session and talk about any exercises that may be beneficial.

  • It is not uncommon for the body to release toxins a day or two after a Bowen session, symptoms of this may be headaches, body aches, fatigue etc, so please make sure to drink lots of water.

  • Sometimes after a Bowen session there may be either a physical or emotional release, this is not uncommon so I encourage you to be kind to yourself over the next couple of days.

Recently I am finding a lot of clients coming to me are struggling with overwhelm and stress so I find the longer sessions are necessary to help bring the body's sympathetic nervous system into a calmer state and also sometimes the first 15-20 minutes of the Bowen session are actually just a chance to offload and get stuff off your chest so we can move into the Bowen feeling calmer.


"I"m amazed at how effective Bowen is and I'm really excited to be able to share it with my community"
- Traci Davis

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