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Christmas Newsletter

“ Can you believe how quickly this year has gone by ?”  I think I have literally said this to everyone of my clients in the last 6 months! I feel like we are in July, not December. And it definitely doesn’t feel like we are in the first month of summer.

The past 6 months have just flown by and I have really had some time to think about what I want my business to represent.

And with that, I was reminded a few months ago “do I practise what I preach.”

It was a little confronting at the time. I have a lot of people coming to me in a heightened state of stress and anxiety and I was finding myself slipping into a similar state.

My daughters and niece had just left to go to the UK on their OE, flying one way to London, so exciting for them, exciting and excruciating for me as I tried to hold it together and act to them like I was so excited and unfazed. Now a lot of you will know I am an extremely empathetic and emotional person, I have been my whole life. I did manage to hold it together but I think to my own detriment, tears and emotion are just how I regulate myself and my emotions, so to hold it in, which I did a great job of I might add, (just one tear as they walked away at the airport terminal off on their adventures) was not great for me.

Also like a lot of people my age (55), as we chose to have children later it also means I have parents who are ageing and one whose health isn’t great. I’m the child living closest and I am the one who is on hand the most. This is hugely important to me as my parents have been so supportive of the 3 of us their whole lives, it’s a real privilege to be there for them. This is one of the reasons I love working for myself and choose to work 3 1/2 days a week. However I could feel things slipping a bit and I was also feeling quite flat, you may even say apathetic.

The same week I got a call from my nurse practitioner saying my thyroid level, (actually my TSH - which stands for thyroid stimulating hormone) was high. The range for your TSH is (0.27 - 4.2), (0.27 - 2.6), being optimal, and the higher figure being normal. Mine was 7.2, Tui suggested I increase my thyroid medication ( I take a natural form of thyroid called Armour this is not subsidised I pay $198.00 every 3 months for this.) I said can you give me 6 weeks and I will see if I can improve my figures.

I often say to my clients, we are responsible for our own health and if you think something isn’t right say something and don’t stop till you get the answer.

So I hopped off the phone and contacted my medical herbalist Ali Sutherland and asked her to make me a tonic to support my thyroid, then I contacted my homeopath Tracey Bonnington , she lives in Raglan and I talked to her for about 90 minutes and explained how I was feeling about everything and she sent me a homeopathic remedy, I’ve got to admit it was the bomb! I had a couple of Bowen treatments with my friend Sabine, I used a castor oil wrap for a whole month on my thyroid, and liver/gallbladder.

I watched my diet, no gluten or alcohol. I woke early and did guided meditations, visualising my body healing itself. I also walked my dogs in nature most days. I know it sounds quite a lot however I was pretty focused on improving my numbers.

6 weeks later I went for another blood test and my levels were 2.6.

This was massive as the stress hadn’t gone away I was just dealing with it better.

I’m telling you this story as I’d love to be able to empower you to heal yourself. Your health is important to me, but as you can see in my story I didn’t rely on one person to heal me, I had a community of people who all had a vested interest in helping me to heal my own body.

Our bodies are amazing and given the right conditions will heal themselves, sometimes it takes time and as Libby Weaver says “ If you knew how amazing your body is, you would be in awe of yourself”.

So back to what I want my business to represent;

I am inspired to encourage and empower others to live a life of personal responsibility, a life of happiness, vitality and the freedom to choose the right way of healing for them.

And I have to tell you, I absolutely love what I do.


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